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There Is No Vaccine For Complacency.

There Is No Vaccine For Complacency.

The Continued Risks From Exposure To HAV In The Post-COVID Workplace.   What Happened To The Issues Your Organisation Faced Before The Pandemic? Nothing. The risks posed to your organisation before COVID interrupted business as usual are still here. In fact, they never went anywhere. In the case of HAV-related risks, that could mean the […]

RASOR and HAVwear

Your Membership in the Workforce Needs a Digital Upgrade: Three Ways Reactec Elevates How You Work

Technology Isn’t An Add-On. Today’s workplace is an increasingly digital landscape, and connectivity is a crucial underpinning to a safe, efficient work environment. Reactec appreciates this reality and understands that our customer’s workplaces demand utility and accessibility, in addition to enhanced connectivity. Our core technology, HAVwear, has helped organisations implement and refine controls to effectively […]

HSE FAQ confirms HAVwear can be a suitable tool for assessing HAV exposure risk

The HSE FAQ confirms that HAVwear – a wearable monitoring device for Hand-Arm Vibration (HAV) exposure risk – can improve risk management because it identifies unexpected risks experienced by an individual using real-use, real time sensed data. As HAVwear also uses a pre-defined tool vibration magnitude in a trigger timer mode, it is also in […]

Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome – the hidden threat to two million UK workers

Alan Finley suffers from the impact of working with power tools: he has hand arm vibration syndrome, along with 300,000 sufferers in the UK; there are 2 million more at risk of developing the disease. For Alan, the impacts have been life changing: “I would wake up in the middle of the night with cramps. […]

Identifying unexpected HAV risk

Identify unexpected sources of vibration exposure risk from tool usage. As well as the traditional assessment method based on a static tool vibration level to calculate tool exposure points (TEP) the Analytics reports also reports on exposure based on the vibration sensed by the wearer of a HAVwear device.  The sensed exposure points (SEP) provides unique and additional information which can […]

NEW whitepaper – Suitability of wearables for managing HAV risk

Investigating the utility of wrist worn vibration monitoring in the effective management of exposure to dangerous vibrations within the work place. > Download the Whitepaper (PDF) The paper seeks to define the value that data from continuous monitoring can have in forming an effective risk management process within the work place. The paper also seeks to demonstrate […]

Protecting Local Authorities and their employees from Hand Arm Vibration risks

Over recent months some local authorities have put aside millions for employee compensation claims and in February 2016, new sentencing guidelines came into force where company fines can now reach over £10 million for the most serious health and safety offences. The guidelines will apply regardless of the date of the offence.   Problem for […]

Don’t lose sight of your bottom line

Return on investment lies at the heart of most commercial decision-making, but it’s not always a top priority when it comes to health and safety. There’s no doubt that, in the longer term, investment in robust health and safety management tools will provide employers with clear financial and health benefits. However, these tools and procedures […]

HAV Management Makes Good Business Sense

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) is the result of over exposure to vibration equipment – such as power tools, diggers and grass cutters – and can include painful and disabling injuries of the blood vessels, nerves, joints and muscles in the hands. However, it’s not just the health and safety of workers that’s at stake. […]