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There Is No Vaccine For Complacency.

There Is No Vaccine For Complacency.

The Continued Risks From Exposure To HAV In The Post-COVID Workplace.   What Happened To The Issues Your Organisation Faced Before The Pandemic? Nothing. The risks posed to your organisation before COVID interrupted business as usual are still here. In fact, they never went anywhere. In the case of HAV-related risks, that could mean the […]

RASOR and HAVwear

Your Membership in the Workforce Needs a Digital Upgrade: Three Ways Reactec Elevates How You Work

Technology Isn’t An Add-On. Today’s workplace is an increasingly digital landscape, and connectivity is a crucial underpinning to a safe, efficient work environment. Reactec appreciates this reality and understands that our customer’s workplaces demand utility and accessibility, in addition to enhanced connectivity. Our core technology, HAVwear, has helped organisations implement and refine controls to effectively […]

Working Together to Stay Apart: Reactec’s Quick, Convenient Solution to the Social Distancing Problem

An Arm’s Length, At Your Fingertips. Seemingly overnight, the way we work transformed and accepted ways of working together became impossible. COVID’s effect on workplace behaviour cannot be understated: from wearing masks to rapid testing to constant disinfecting, the impact of the pandemic is clear at every turn. Perhaps no COVID-related workplace disruption has had […]