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HSE FAQ confirms HAVwear can be a suitable tool for assessing HAV exposure risk

The HSE FAQ confirms that HAVwear – a wearable monitoring device for Hand-Arm Vibration (HAV) exposure risk – can improve risk management because it identifies unexpected risks experienced by an individual using real-use, real time sensed data. As HAVwear also uses a pre-defined tool vibration magnitude in a trigger timer mode, it is also in […]

Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome – the hidden threat to two million UK workers

Alan Finley suffers from the impact of working with power tools: he has hand arm vibration syndrome, along with 300,000 sufferers in the UK; there are 2 million more at risk of developing the disease. For Alan, the impacts have been life changing: “I would wake up in the middle of the night with cramps. […]

Monday Myths #1 – Does a risk assessment of HAV exposure require tool measurements in compliance with BS EN ISO 5349?

The Control of Vibration at work regulations 2005 and HSE guidance on HAV risk management do not require the measurement of a tools vibration to BS EN ISO 5349 in order to carry out a risk assessment. This is the case because it is impractical to carry out a measurement in compliance to BS EN ISO 5349 […]

Landmark study by Institute of Occupational Medicine on the validity of Reactec’s innovative HAVwear system

The Institute of Occupational Medicine (IOM) was requested by Reactec to conduct an independent review of data collected using the HAVwear system and subsequently provided a report in January 2018. HAVwear collects two types of assessment data to be viewed online: It uses a tools pre-defined vibration magnitude and length of time the tool is […]

Example of over/under estimation & protection

The following examples show issues highlighted by the HSE and how the Reactec Analytics Platform can address them. Breaker manufacturer example is taken from the HSE web-friendly version of The Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005 Guidance on Regulations L140, page 58, case study 5)(Published 2005 – The Reactec example is taken from […]

Why constant digital HAV monitoring makes sense

“Sufficient risk assessment” is vague, whereas continuous monitoring is holistic. Risk reduction controls are data driven and readily assessed for effectiveness. It provides robust defence against personal liability claims. It supports tool operator behavioural change – similar to average speed cameras are more effective than standard speed cameras to control speed risks.   1. “Sufficient […]

A simple solution to a complex health problem

  HAVWEAR is part of the Reactec Analytics Platform system which automates the whole process from calculating HSE exposure points in the field to viewing online reports. The HAVWEAR is wrist mounted to provide a truly personal monitoring experience. It calculates and displays in real-time HSE exposure points to inform the wearer of their exposure to […]

How to reduce 10% of workers contracting HAVS?

According to the HSE 10% of workers will in 12 years contract HAVS related diseases even when routinely exposed to around 100 points (Exposure Action Value). This shortens to 6 years if exposed to around 400 points (Exposure Limit value). With many employers limiting daily exposure to these points it’s no surprise that the Industrial […]